What your favourite Haikyuu character says about you ( Karasuno Edition)

  1. Kageyama Tobio
You’re a genius and extremely talented. Sometimes you can be socially awkward and have poor communication skills. There’s a good chance that you have a soft spot for the “ seems cold-hearted but is actually a soft babie who is bad with people” character trope.

2. Hinata Shoyo

You’re energetic, constantly moving and an absolute ray of sunshine. You rely on your instincts rather than your brain and you’re probably short.

3. Nishinoya Yu

You’re straight up and not afraid of speaking your mind. You’re lil babie around those who are close to you but super intimidating to those who you don’t like.

4. Tsukishima Kei

You’re super smart and rely on your brain a lot, you can be lazy and not put in effort when things don’t matter to you. You can be salty AF when you want to.

5. Yamaguchi Tadashi

You can be very insecure and think you’re useless and not worthy. You always try your best and work hard, you’re your friend’s hype man

6. Sugawara Kōshi

You’re the mum of your friendship group and very protective of your friends. If someone messes with the people you love, you can be very scary. You’re also super sweet and kind.

7. Daichi Sawamura

You’re the dad of the friendship group and very protective. Your friends rely on you and trust you with all their problems. You can be tough when you need to be.

8. Asahi Azumane

You’re very shy, self conscious and can doubt yourself sometimes. You’re a sucker for softies and very mature.

9. Tanaka Ryūnoske

You’re the life of the party and your friends can always rely on you to make them smile. You’re very good at scaring people you don’t like.

10. Narita Kazuhito, Kinoshita Hisashi and Ennoshita Chikara

If either one of these characters are your favourite then you’re extremely mature and quiet. You’re probably in a trio and are always there for those around you

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